eTV provides real-time and real-life resources through recorded TV programmes

Please use the Chrome browser as we found this works best.

eTV(external link) includes live streams and on demand videos. As an NMIT student or staff member you can access this unique service with free live-streaming channels, a library of educational videos and an educational video shop.

Here is a Help document(external link) on how to use eTV.

Login or register for eTV

Go to the eTV homepage link) and if you have already registered then use the Login option. Otherwise click Register if you have not used eTV before.

Follow the registration prompts and fill in the boxes making sure to start with NMIT for the Institution Name.

Note: If you are a student click the Student radio button. Enter the first part of your email address, e.g. joe-student (the rest fills in automatically, i.e.

If you are staff click the Staff radio button. Enter the first part of your email address, e.g. jane.staff (the rest fills in automatically, i.e.

No other personal email address will be accepted.

If you do not receive an email from eTV within one minute you may have entered an incorrect NMIT email name. You will need to register again.


You have two choices when it comes to using eTV.

1) Search for the video first - see the eTV user guide and then play it.(external link)

2) Or for staff, you can embed your video in your Moodle course. For help with embedding video in NMIT Moodle please contact the FLiT Team on Ext 778 or email

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