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Celebrating Another New Zealand Music Month

Nelson Public Libraries have been running a Live Music Series(external link) through the month of May in honour of New Zealand music month, with an array of local talent showcased.  Going forward, Nelson Centre of Musical Arts events(external link) are run throughout the year with concerts and events involving both local and touring musicians.

If you haven't caught some of these sounds during New Zealand Music Month, we have a massive amount of content available 24/7, every day of the year. Online via our eTV(external link) video streaming website, you can see, for example New Zealand Music Month 13th Floor Sessions featuring New Zealand musicians from the likes of Aldous Harding, Tami Neilson, Tattletale Saints in interviews and concert.

To access eTV, first make sure you're logged in to your NMIT account, then simply click on eTV(external link), enter your NMIT email address and click on the Login button (no password needed).  Here you can search for documentaries, movies, TV programmes, concerts.  A search on "New Zealand music" reaped nearly 800 results. Go wild.

And while not at all strong in NZ content, but super strong on the global music front, we have European streaming site Qwest TV(external link) available which has hundreds of documentary, live concerts and interview of musicians from around the world.

If you like to see what's available on our library shelves, check out some of the other New Zealand music themed resources(external link) from our collection.


(ABOVE: A snip of some of the NZ music content from eTV(external link) website)


Issue your own books with new Selfissue kiosk 

Our Marlborough campus Library Learning Centre has been having lots of new life injected in to its space, with study and chill areas setup, some unwinding games and activities to hand and a fancy Selfissue machine which has just been installed.  Nelson campus is lucky enough to have had a Selfissue kiosk for a while already. 

Using the Selfissue kiosk is quick and easy as long as you have your ID card handy.  Simply scan your ID card, tap 'Check-out' on the screen, place your books on the plate for scanning and you're good to go. You can also look up your library Account and see what you have on loan, and Renew your loans while you're at it.    

Please note, that journals must be issued at the desk, so a great chance to have a chat with our friendly staff.

If you need help learning how to issue their own books in Marlborough, well Emily is very keen to show you how. Emily Hargreaves is the new kid on the block, bringing her enthusiasm and skills to the Marlborough campus as the new Student Wellbeing Support Advisor, wearing Wellbeing, Equity, Library and Helpdesk hats.  Go and say kia ora to Emily. She would love to meet you.

Our friendly Library Learning Centre staff in any of our campuses can assist you, or get you in contact with someone who can, if you need help with issuing, research, learning, wellbeing, etc.  Come and have a chat with us or check out Student Support(external link) services on offer.

(ABOVE: Biddy showing above how its done)



Try out the Nelson campus Library's new egg chairs

Within minutes of these egg chairs arriving, they were tried and tested and deemed comfy, cosy and photo-worthy.  You'll find them on level 2 of the Library Learning Centre on the Nelson campus.  So park up for a quiet spell and enjoy the view.



NMIT Libraries closed on ANZAC DAY

NMIT Libraries will be closed on ANZAC Day, Tuesday 25 April.

But you can still jump online to access all our electronic resources available from our Library Research page, including thousands of eBooks, our TV & video databases, and check out all the recommended subject resources available for your areas of study.  You can also access our eJournals and eBooks, and reserve and renew resources via our Library Catalogue(external link).



NMIT Libraries will be closed for an extended Easter Weekend

NMIT Libraries will be closed for all of Easter weekend from Friday 7 April through Tuesday 11 April, reopening on Wednesday 12 April.

Fortunately, you'll still be able to access all our electronic resources available from our Library Research page, including thousands of eBooks, our TV & video databases, and check out all the recommended subject resources available for your areas of study.  You can also access our eJournals and eBooks, and reserve and renew resources via our Library Catalogue(external link).

Please note though that, on Saturday 8 April and Tuesday 11 April usual weekend access is available, 7am –10pm, to the Fishbowl, N Block and G Block (for those who usually have it).

May you have time to overindulge in all the best things over Easter weekend.


Learn how to find, watch, edit videos on ETV (huge video platform)

(external link)(external link)

Take advantage of the free monthly beginner zoom tutorials on offer.  Every third Thursday of the month, at 3.30pm, you can jump on to one of the 30-45 minute long ETV zoom sessions using this zoom address: link).

Same time, same Thursday, same link!  (But different topic each time.)

ETV(external link) is the largest online video platform for educators in New Zealand with over 150,000 searchable videos.

It offers:

  • free live-streaming channels
  • a library of educational videos
  • diverse subject areas (Aquaculture, Horticulture, Media Studies, New Zealand History, Visual Arts).
  • searching by subject, category, sources etc.
  • video annotation, customising of videos
  • opportunity to request recording and downloading of TV programmes and online videos including YouTube
  • online ETV introductory videos(external link)

As an NMIT student or staff member you can access this service by entering your NMIT email address on the ETV login(external link) page. You will be automatically signed in (no password needed).

(6 March 2023)


Library Summer Services

Did you know akōnga (students) and kaimahi (staff) can continue to borrow books over the summer break?

Catch up on all those reads you’ve wanted to have time for!  

We also offer graduates a free one-year alumni honorary library membership. 

Haere mai, come and see us, call us on 03 539 5068 or email for more info. 

NMIT | Te Pūkenga Library summer hours are:

8.00 am – 5.00pm Monday -Friday

The campus will be closed:

- from 1.00 pm on Wednesday 21 December
- on all public holidays
- and from 22 December 2022 until 4 January 2023 inclusive. 

Have a fantastic summer.


Get your summer reading sorted!

The Library fiction collection has had a refresh with the addition of some very new and popular titles and authors.

With two renewals available, you will have plenty of time to finish your pick over summer.  

You can search our Fiction collection(external link) on our Library catalogue and see what tempts you.

Come and visit the collection on the ground floor of the library and get your summer reading sorted!  



New Zealand Geographic: Virtual Reality and Video libraries

(external link)(external link)

We are excited to announce that NMIT |Te Pūkenga now have access provided to:

 New Zealand Geographic Virtual Reality library(external link) and New Zealand Geographic Video library(external link)

Let New Zealand Geographic take you on a virtual 360 tour of landscapes and seascapes, currently covering locations in the North Island, the Kermadec islands and Niue.  Or you can sit back and watch many stunning documentaries with mostly New Zealand based content. 

The NZ Geographic focuses on the biodiversity, geography, and culture of New Zealand, Antarctica, and nearby Pacific Islands. Subject areas covered include biological sciences, earth sciences, ecology, geography, geophysics and marine science and searching is possibly by relevant words including location.

Print copies of New Zealand Geographic(external link) magazine are available at both Marlborough and Nelson campus libraries.

We also have a range of other online TV and video resources accessible from the Library website.


So many nursing journals and nursing web pages!

There are so many high quality nursing resources that we've had to add separate branches to our library nursing webpages.

Our Nursing Area subject pages are now enriched with separate pages for nursing journals and relevant recommended nursing web pages. Journals page compiles nursing-related journals published from Australia and New Zealand in one place. We have also added around 40 open access journals from this region.

Another section features nursing journals with high rankings(external link) in leading journal indexing services like Scopus, Scimago and Web of Science. It covers quartile1 (the top 25%) journals, and this section also features many highly cited journals that are accessible either through our databases or open access avenues.

The recommended nursing web pages section also includes relevant and interesting sources like AIHW, Sax institute, Science Media Centre. Mental health resources with specific focus on indigenous perspectives like Australian Indigenous Psychology Education Project(external link) and University of Waikato’s Māori and Psychology Research Unit(external link) provide different vantage points to view mental health topic areas.

Resources listed under Science Media Centre, includes valuable sources like SciMex(external link), a New Zealand and Australia specific resource for journalists to get information regarding embargoed research.


Wolters Kluwer – Scheduled journals maintenance


On Friday 29 July 2022 starting at 4 pm (NZ time), the Wolters Kluwer - Ovid journals platform will be unavailable for around 45 minutes due to maintenance work being done by the supplier. The company will do everything they can to minimize any downtime. 

Journals specifically affected briefly by this database maintenance, will be the Nursing Community College Collection(external link).  This includes 47 eJournal titles that are subscribed from Ovid Nursing Vocational Extended Journal Collection and another 37 open access journals. The Ovid/Joanna briggs collection database(external link) will also be one of the collections affected.  

NMIT provide access to a range of nursing journals on our subject pages so you can check out the links for other nursing journal options.



Matariki – Te Tau Hou Māori


NMIT Libraries will be closed on Friday 24 June for what will be New Zealand's first public holiday celebrating Matariki. 

One News has guidance on how to spot the Matariki cluster(external link), when the conditions are suitable.

To find out more about the story of Matariki you can read Te Ara: the Encyclopedia of New Zealand's Matariki story(external link) which begins like this:

"Twinkling in the winter sky just before dawn, Matariki (the Pleiades) signals the Māori New Year. For Māori, the appearance of Matariki heralds a time of remembrance, joy and peace. It is a time for communities to come together and celebrate. In the 2000s, it became more common for both Māori and Pākehā(external link) to celebrate Matariki. From 2022, a public holiday marking Matariki will be held in June or July each year." 

Looking for quick reference medical-based databases?


Check out our new resources,
DynaMed(external link), Nursing Reference Center Plus(external link) and Trip Database(external link), that are helpful for study in subject areas ranging from nursing to counselling.

Explore databases that provide focused and tailored information, meeting the need for up-to-date evidence-based information. You can access these databases from our Nursing programme area page or from our A-Z list of databases.

DynaMed(external link)
This database, which was awarded ‘2022 best in KLAS for clinical decision support resource’, is an advanced clinical support tool that guides users through current clinical evidence for different medical conditions, including the area of 
mental health. It lists medical conditions with their pathogenesis, diagnosis, management, related drugs, and more. As it includes IBM Micromedex drug information, you can search for dosing, interactions, calculations, medication safety, and related information of drugs. DynaMed(external link) is continuously updated using the latest evidence and is peer reviewed by editorial teams sourced from professional organisations like American College of Physicians.  It also leads users to relevant journal articles and current research.

Nursing Reference Center Plus(external link)
NRCP is a quick reference tool that has tailored resources, including multimedia information, focused on nurses. If the user searches for a medical condition, NRCP provides nursing management topics, care plans, patient education information sheets, guidelines, legal cases, and research instruments.  

Trip Database(external link) (free database version)
By arranging its results using highly focused filters, Trip Database(external link) provides relevant information for health professionals. As it classifies its results into country-wise guidelines, systematic reviews, evidence-based synopses, key primary research and more, users can easily find to-the-point information. As TRIP(external link) facilitates PICO (a tool to frame and answer clinical questions) based searching, health students can frame their questions in alignment with their research topics.  

You can also access many other relevant databases from our Nursing programme area page, such as, Safetylit(external link) (a WHO indexing service that compiles and adds all relevant injury research content at the rate of 400 articles per week), Merlot(external link) (a resource that specialises in learning materials and courseware) and Mednar(external link) (which explores resources from the deep web- not usually covered by conventional search engines).

eBooks coming out our ears


Six months back our ProQuest eBook Central(external link) collection numbered just around 600 eBooks. This probably felt impressive at the time, but in just half a year the collection had a quantum jump from this 600 eBooks to 28,000. Then, with the very recent addition of around 2500 open access* titles, our ProQuest eBook Central(external link) collection has grown to what is a very mind-boggling 30,039 eBooks and still growing! 

If you are one of our Counselling and Social work students, you will find this resource particularly useful for your study. 

As well as ProQuest eBook Central(external link), we have numerous other fantastic eBook collections available to you at NMIT, covering a broad subject range from business, New Zealand specific resources, encyclopedias, nursing, etc to multi-subject collections.

(*Open access (OA) refers to freely available, digital, online information. While OA is a newer form of scholarly publishing, many OA journals comply with well-established peer-review processes and maintain high publishing standards. NMIT library Research page indexes a rich array of carefully selected open access resources(external link).)

NMIT Libraries will be closed on ANZAC day

NMIT Libraries will be closed on ANZAC day, Monday 25 April


NMIT Libraries will be closed for an extended Easter Weekend

(4 April 2022)

NMIT Libraries will be closed for all of Easter weekend from Friday 15 April through Tuesday 19 April, reopening on Wednesday 20 April.

Fortunately, you'll still be able to access all our electronic resources available from our Library Research page, including thousands of eBooks, our TV & video databases, and check out all the recommended subject resources available for your areas of study.  You can also access our eJournals and eBooks, and reserve and renew resources via our Library Catalogue(external link).

Please note though that, on Saturday 16 April and Tuesday 19 April students will have the usual weekend access, 8am –10pm, to the Fishbowl, N Block and G Block (for those who usually have it).

May you enjoy just the right amount of chocolate, study and rest on Easter weekend.

(Polish-style decorated Easter egg)


Must-see TV and Video collections


eTV(external link) really could be your new Netflix.  It has access to TV recordings, Youtube videos, etc.  And you can even request they add a series you really want to watch. (To access the site, simply login by entering your NMIT email address and leave the password blank).


And if music is your thing, then check out Qwest TV(external link), with 1300 concerts and documentary films in jazz, soul, funk, classical and global music.  Co-founded and curated by Quincy Jones, the platform preserves the richness of history, while reflecting the present-day beauty and reality of culturally and racially diverse people.


The newest kid on the block is our Safetyhub(external link) video database, which really speaks for itself.  All your safety videos at the tip of your fingers. Chainsaw use, angle grinders, working from home, lifting safely, etc.

Time to blob on the couch and watch some vids.

Little Quick Fix in our Three Day Loan Collection


Doing a research project, thesis or dissertation? Feeling a bit stuck? Not confident? 

In the Library's Three Day Loan collection we have Little Quick Fix (LQF) books which are little booklets that tackle specific areas of your research assignments, answering questions like: Where do I start? What Methodology should I use? How do I turn my literature review into an essay? 

These booklets are short, sharp and an easy read.  Pop on in to the Library and talk to the friendly Helpdesk team who can direct you to these little gems.

Get the latest magazines


Did you know that you can receive a notification when the latest magazine/journal arrives? Maybe the following titles might tempt you; Art New Zealand - Consumer - Cuisine - Listener - New Zealand Gardener - New Zealand Geographic - North & South - Nursing Review - The Shed - Wilderness Magazine - Yachting World. Email to make your request.

And if you are looking for our newest copies of magazines, you can now find them on the 1st floor of the library on our fancy new display stand. Older versions and academic journals are still located on the 2nd floor. So grab a magazine and a comfy seat and have some chill time.

ProQuest One Business database now available


Happy New Year! We are welcoming in 2022 by signing up for a new specialised business database, ProQuest One Business(external link). This database provides access to all aspects of research, teaching, and learning in business and economics. 

You will probably already be familiar with the ProQuest Central(external link) suite of databases which we have had available for your research needs since time began.  We hope you enjoy this new business addition. 


New Safety video database Safetycare(external link)  


This week we are excited to be trialing a new video database, Safetyhub(external link), which offers access to a video library of 130 safety training videos - how to use a circular saw, an angle grinder, how to lift safely, and a few more gritty ones too.  Whether you are studying building, engineering, or need to know health and safety information for any area of your study, these short videos can help you.

Image not found(external link)

(Want to know how to maintain and safely use your chainsaw? then check out "Chainsaw maintenance and safety(external link)")


Emailing of loan receipts


From Monday 29 November 2021 we are sending our Help Desk receipt printers in the Nelson Library in to retirement.  This means that when you are issued Library items by our friendly Help Desk staff, your current loans receipt will automatically be emailed to you instead of printed out.

Marlborough Library has never used a receipt printer, so Nelson Library will be joining their camp.

This sees the end of printed loan receipts littering bedroom floors around the district.

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