Staff interloans

Staff interloans

To request an item not accessible via our library, please make an interloan request using our online form(external link).

Complete the form providing as much detail about the publication as possible.

It may be helpful to search the National Library's Catalogue(external link) or Amazon books(external link) to find details about a book you wish to interloan. Journal articles can also be interloaned where we don't have access to the full article via our research databases. The staff at the Library are happy to help you with a search for material.

Please read the following guidelines if you wish to make an interloan:

    • The Library will endeavour to get your request from a non-charging library. If this is not possible the Library will cover any administration costs charged by the supplying library for interloans relating to the curriculum or research.
    • Interloans can be provided for personal interest or study but if costs are incurred, these will be passed to the borrower..
    • Interloan requests may take up to two weeks to arrive, although one week is the average waiting time. Journal articles usually arrive more quickly than books, sometimes in a day or two.
    • We do not interloan titles that are part of our own collection.
    • The service is available to all staff and students of Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology.

For more information on the use of the interloan scheme, see our NMIT Library Interloan Policy [PDF, 95 KB], or contact the Interloan Librarian

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