eTV includes live streams and on demand videos

As an NMIT student or staff member you can access this unique service with free live-streaming channels, a library of educational videos and an educational video shop.

It offers over 150,000 educational videos on diverse subject areas (Aquaculture, Horticulture, Media Studies, New Zealand History, Visual Arts). Using an interface that facilitates search under subject, category, sources etc., you can easily find the needed resources.

Using Eva (available via eTV) it is easy to annotate videos to make them an enriched learning experience. Using Elink (available via eTV), users can manage and browse their preferred content and upload their customised videos. You can also request recording and downloading of TV programmes and online videos including YouTube.

Check out this link(external link) for introductory videos on eTV platforms.

To access, enter your NMIT email address, as below, on the eTV login(external link) page. You will be automatically signed in (you do not need to enter a password).

*For students this is your email.

*For staff this is your email.  


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