Free Online Referencing Course

Work through our learner managed online APA 7the ed. course, for step-by-step guidance and practice. Click on the link below (you may need to sign in to Moodle). If the course is not visible, use the self-enrol option.
APA 7th ed Referencing(external link) 

Referencing guides

APA style 7th edition

NMIT APA Referencing 7th ed Guide [PDF, 480 KB] -  Use the interactive Contents page to jump to the examples you need.

Massey University Interactive 7th ed Guide(external link) - This guide allows for customised interactive examples.

NMIT APA Referencing 7th ed Mini Guide [PDF, 359 KB]  - Mini guide covering common sources.

APA 6th & 7th changes - document [PDF, 251 KB] - key changes between APA 6th and 7th edition or short video(external link) - the first 2 mins cover the most notable referencing changes. 

APA style 6th edition

NMIT APA 6th guide [PDF, 534 KB] - for courses that may have been specifically advised to continue with 6th edition.

Chicago style

Monash University guide(external link) - An interactive guide to citing & referencing in Chicago style.

Note: Chicago referencing style is used by Creative Industries. All other students refer to APA guides.

What is Referencing?

A brief introduction(external link) - this video [1.46min] from the Robert Gordon University Library gives a good overview of what referencing is and why we do it.

Paraphrasing versus quoting(external link) - An excellent overview produced by SCCC Library.

APA Style Guide (external link) - visit the American Psychological Association's APA Style page

Automatic Referencing Tools

Zotero - Comprehensive referencing tool recommended for staff/students doing research.

Word Referencing Tool - A useful tool for those with some existing knowledge of APA, however, please note this is not currently updated for APA 7th ed.

Other automatic tools - learn about tools like Citefast & RefME 

Plagiarism + Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity - Learn about the importance of academic integrity and how to avoid academic misconduct, including plagiarism.

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