Please note From Semester 1 2020, courses using APA referencing will move to using the format of the newly published APA 7th edition publication manual. (See key changes [PDF, 251 KB]). The guides and course below currently cover 6th edition. These will be replaced as soon as we complete the updates, in time for start of semester. Until this time, continue to use APA 6th edition format.

Free Online Referencing Course

Referencing Course(external link)
Work through this self-directed course at your own pace to learn what referencing is and how to do it. (Note, this will be updated for 7th edition format by Semester 1, 2020).

Referencing guides

APA Style

NMIT printable guide [PDF, 534 KB] - A basic guide showing referencing examples for most common sources. See the guides below for more information.

Interactive guide (Massey University)(external link) - Recommended guide for thorough coverage of a large variety of source examples and information.

Recommended guide for Nursing [PDF, 1.6 MB] - APA guide produced by Ara Institute of Canterbury (formerly CPIT).

Recommended guide for Social Sciences [PDF, 333 KB] - APA guide prepared by Dr Donna Swift.

Chicago Style

Monash University guide(external link) - An interactive guide to citing & referencing in Chicago style.

Note: Chicago referencing style is used by Creative Industries. All other students refer to APA guides.

What is Referencing?

A brief introduction(external link) - this video [1.46min] from the Robert Gordon University Library gives a good overview of what referencing is and why we do it.

How to reference using APA - an intro(external link) [3.07min]- learn about the two essential parts to every reference, in text citation and reference list.

Paraphrasing versus quoting(external link) - An excellent overview produced by SCCC Library.

APA Style Guide FAQs(external link) - visit the American Psychological Association's APA Style page

Automatic Referencing Tools

Zotero - Comprehensive referencing tool recommended for staff/students doing research.

Word Referencing Tool - A useful tool for those with some existing knowledge of APA.

Other automatic tools - learn about tools like Citefast & RefME


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