Referencing tools

Free referencing tools - tips and information

You may hear about Citation/Referencing tools which "do it all for you". These tools can be very useful, however, to use them successfully, it is essential to have prior knowledge of APA Referencing and/or use them in conjunction with an APA Guide. 

Citefast(external link) and MyBib(external link)

These are free tools which allow you to create your own account and manage your sources. For some source types the tools can automatically fill in the referencing details for you (e.g. using a website URL or ISBN - book identification number). However, as Citefast states, you then need to "verify and modify the information". Having an APA guide on hand is essential so you know what needs to be modified. You may come across other similar tools. Always check their accuracy.

Zotero - Comprehensive referencing tool recommended for staff/students doing research.

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