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Check out the research databases, websites and other resources below

Research databases

The following databases cover a huge range of subjects including articles related to education and teaching.

ProQuest(external link)
Academic Search Complete(external link)
Science Direct(external link)
Academic OneFile(external link)

Other Useful databases

ERIC(external link)
For access to articles specialising in education and teaching. 

LinkedIn Learning(external link)
LinkedIn Learning provides access to many useful resources on English Language teaching and self learning. It also includes relevant resources on topics related to creative industries(external link)Business(external link) and technology.(external link)

New Zealand specific databases

These databases may be useful when searching for articles published in New Zealand or specific to a New Zealand context. 

Australia New Zealand Reference Centre(external link)
Full text articles available from thousands of Australian NZ journals, newspapers etc.

CCH IntelliConnect(external link)
Employment and HR; GST cases, commentary, legislation; Tax legislation, etc.

Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand(external link) 
An organisation for more than 33,000 accounting and business professionals across New Zealand and Australia.

Digital New Zealand(external link)  
This database aggregates New Zealand-related resources at one place. DigitalNZ includes videos, newspapers, maps, photographs, audio recordings, artworks, news reports, and many other kinds of digital content. Users can access journals related to New Zealand and research theses from academic institutions of this country. Theses and research papers are accessible from this section(external link) of the website.

INNZ Index New Zealand(external link) 
New Zealand Journals indexed by the National Library of New Zealand.

Research Bank(external link)
This is an open research repository that includes research, mainly theses and dissertations,  produced by students and staff while affiliated with Unitec, Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT), Otago Polytechnic, Toi Ohomai and Southern Institute of Technology (SIT),which are part of Te pūkenga. This repository includes mainly recent research produced by these institutions. For early ones, check New Zealand Research(external link) and Digital NZ(external link).

The Treaty of Waitangi Collection(external link) - BWB eBooks 
This collection includes books that cover diverse aspects of the Treaty of Waitangi. Bridget Williams Collection also includes critical issues collection(external link) and texts collection(external link), which explores issues related to New Zealand from an in depth perspective.

Waitangi Tribunal(external link)
Access to Waitangi Tribunal reports - browse, or search full text.

eSerials online

ELT Journal(external link)


Collins English dictionary online(external link)
Contains a dictionary, thesaurus and translator.

Roget's Thesaurus online(external link)

Translation dictionary(external link)
This dictionary provides translation of words between English and different languages including Dutch, Italian, Japanese etc.


Online grammar and spelling checker(external link)

Recommended Websites

ESLinsider(external link)
ESL Resources for teachers.

Ministry of Education, ESOL online(external link)
ESOL Online is a site for teachers to respond to the needs of their English language learners.

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages(external link)
A global professional association for English language educators teaching English as a second, foreign, or other language.

British Council(external link)
The British Council is the UKs international organisation for educational and cultural relations. It has a wide range of resources.

BBC learning English(external link)
English language resources on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, general and business English.

IELTS Tests(external link)
Users can access mock IELTS tests from this website. Need to create a free account.

Skwirk Interactive Schooling(external link)
Alliteration, assonance, emotive language, colloquial, slang, jargon, neologism, cliché, rhetorical questions.

Further Reading

Additional reading and research resources can be found in the library collection including books and magazines via this link below.

English Language(external link)

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